What to Expect on Your First Office Visit

Please park on the street and come into the building. Take the elevator to the third floor, and go to room 302, at the end of the hallway, Please be seated in the waiting area for Acupuncture Of Eugene. The practitioner will come out to greet you. Allow yourself at least an hour and 15 minutes for your first appointment.

The acupuncturist will spend time talking with you about your health history and
gather information in this first meeting. A treatment plan will be created to assist you in reaching your health goals.


You will also be given an exam to measure range of motion, blood pressure, palpation, tongue and pulses. After this exam, you will be ready for your acupuncture treatment.


Relax on the comfortable treatment table as the hair-thin acupuncture needles are gently inserted. The treatment may also include some other modalities such as:
moxabustion heat therapy, electric stim or craniosacral therapy. You will relax on the table for about 20-30 minutes, and then the needles will be taken out. You may now get up and enjoy the rest of your day!


It is advised to drink plenty of water and avoiding heavy exercise directly after treatments.


Some things you may notice after your treatment: you may sleep better, have more energy, have less pain, feel calmer and be able to concentrate better.











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